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Cashtronic® MVX One-way Pneumatic Tube (Dispatch) System.

Cashtronic® MVX One-way is transporting cash and other valuables from the check-out line to the cash office.  Because of its possibilities, this system has gained much popularity among many European retailers.

Cashtronic® MVX One-way is the most flexible and modern One-way pneumatic tube systems on the market:

- Has new important operative functions.

- All components are chosen very carefully to create user-friendly and reliable system.

- The most flexible One-way system on the market: it works with several types of stations and panels. Easy to upgrade and adjust in case of store layout changes.

- Cashtronic® MVX One-way is CE certified and components are tested by SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden).

- Minimizing risks by fast and secure transportation of the valuables.

To learn more about Cashtronic® MVX One-way pneumatic tube system, please, download our Cashtronic® MVX One-way brochure or full presentation.