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Hanter Ingenjörsteknik AB is supplying trolley conveyors worldwide since 1980th.

Typical applications are major retail chains, airports, shopping centers, etc., with large customer flows where it is of the utmost importance for visitors to get hold of a trolley quickly and easily.

Traditionally, customer trolleys are stored on parking lots or in special storage areas inside the store. Such storage areas often become disorganized, which means that customers find it difficult to get hold of a cart, or may need to go too far to fetch a trolley.

Hanter’s trolley conveyor is installed where the large customer flows are passing through, for example, at the store entrance, at the pick-your-self warehouse, after security checks at airports, etc. As result, customers can find and take a trolley easily and smoothly, just when they need one.

Hanter’s trolley conveyor is normally placed in a tunnel where a larger number of trolleys can be stored. The longer the tunnel, the more trolley conveyors can be stored. At one end of the conveyor the staff fills in trains with trollyes, on the other end the customer retrieves out of his or her trolley. When a customer pulls out a trolley, a new trolley ready for the next customer is fed by the conveyor. Fast and easy!

Customer trolley conveyor is adapted after each company’s individual needs and after type of trolley to be handled.

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