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Gantry robots

Hanter IT gantry robot concept is a cost-effective and flexible material handling system for automatic handling.

The robot has two to five axes depending on the application and tailored to customer needs and requirements. Our gantry robots are available in various designs with frequency controlled or servo controlled motors.
Hanter IT gantry robots are controlled by a Mitsubishi or Siemens control systems.

The concept is used in material handling, among other things, for palletising, loading and unloading of boxes, machine service, etc.

The robot profile is developed by Hanter and gives us flexibility to solve most of the internal logistics issues in many industries. Gripping device is adapted to the product to be handled.

Hanter IT turnkey robot solutions often contain different types of conveyors such as roller conveyors, belt conveyors, chain conveyors, vertical conveyors, pallet magazines, etc.


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