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Pneumatic tube systems (some time even called pneumatic dispatch system or pneumatic post system) from Hanter IT are used by many producers of goods and services. Our systems are solving many internal logistic problems and the cost is proven to be low: Hanter Pneumatic Tube Systems are robust, provide significant safety increase, are user friendly and inexpensive to maintain.

Light and heavy industries, health care sector, retail stores, airports, offices – everywhere Hanter pneumatic systems effectively save time and money. We produce pneumatic systems with robot cells for very advanced applications as well as we produce pneumatic systems just for regular transport purposes.

Today we are among European leading producers of pneumatic tube system on many different market sectors. Our personal’s competence and effective structure of our firm made us leading when it is about production quality, delivery terms and customer service.

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To read about the carrier we use in our pneumatic tube systems, please go to this webpage.

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