Carriers hanter for pneumatic tube systems

//Carriers hanter for pneumatic tube systems
Carriers hanter for pneumatic tube systems

Carriers for Pneumatic Tube Systems

HANTER IT has developed, installed and sold pneumatic tube since 1960th. Our systems are helping to secure cash handling in stores and improve efficiency of transports in hospitals and industries. PTS carriers, often called cartridges, which come with different Pneumatic Tube Systems, are adapted to the PTS solution stations. Through our company history we have developed a number of new carriers (cartridges), but there are some carrier types that have remained unchanged for many years. The reason is the carriers’ successful and robust design, why they became best-sellers on the world market.

Important! Felt rings and rubber rings provide secure transport, acceleration and deceleration of carriers in PTS. It is important to exchange worn rings, especially if PTS is used to transport heavy or/and sensitive goods. Worn rings affect even other equipment in PTS, such as diverters, stations and tube line, which can lead to system stops and higher frequency of system services.

Learn more about Hanters cartridges for pneumatic tube in the brochure below.

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Carriers Hanter for Pneumatic Tube Systems for retal (stores) cash handling, hospitals and industry


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