Hospital pneumatic tube systems

//Hospital pneumatic tube systems
Hospital pneumatic tube systems

Pneumatic tube systems for hospitals.

Today it’s beyond any doubt that quality of health care and national prosperity are correlated. At the same time, high living standard does not guarantee that unlimited resources will be continuously invested in health care infrastructure. There are many factors, both national and international, that require hospitals to provide services more and more efficiently. As any other company, a hospital can suffer from ineffective logistics. In specific, the internal logistics of smaller packages must be of priority because there is direct access to manage it and to make it efficient almost immediately.

When talking about inefficient logistics, beside numbers about speed and time some other rather obvious side-effects of human based logistics must be mentioned:

– personnel use elevators, which decreases its availability,
– personnel tend to create time losses by excess of socialization
– personnel affect overall hospital hygienic environment, especially influencing restricted areas.

Today, for a modern hospital, using a Pneumatic Tube Systems (PTS) is not a luxury, but an infrastructural necessity. The concept of PTS for hospitals has been revised several times following development of health care services. Today’s PTS systems can solve much more complex transportation tasks then for 20 or 30 years ago. But, when thinking about a hospital in particular, the most efficient PTS is still not the biggest and the most complex one, but the one that suites the hospital’s needs and financial capability today and tomorrow.

Pneumatic Tube Systems for hospitals are mostly made in two different tube diameter dimensions, 110mm and 160mm. Capacity of PTS is not linked entirely to the tube diameter. Systems based on 110mm tube can compete with 160mm systems in capacity because of total effect of ergonomics, flexibility, sending frequency vs installation costs, maintenance costs and expandability costs especially in cases when majority of sends are sample tubes.

Hanter MVX Medic Pneumatic Tube System for hospitals has many advantages:

– low cost,
– flexible (can operate with wide range of stations and station panels, both 1-way and 2-way)
– all programming functions are inside Main Control Unit: no need in PC for system configuration,
– can be built with multiple lines that are connected through a transfer
– possibility to use PC software for logging and monitoring of the system
– user friendly: system’s display shows system status in clear text,
– programming functions are protected by user passwords

Summarizing all the possibilities of Hanter IT MVXMedic:
MVXMedic Pneumatic Tube System for hospitals is among the most modern systems on the market and is developed to produce transportation at lowest possible cost.

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