Industry and office pneumatic tube systems

//Industry and office pneumatic tube systems
Industry and office pneumatic tube systems

Pneumatic tube systems for industry and office

Hanter IT has a long and successful tradition of business cooperating with industries and organizations of different type and scale. Even though with time comes new design and new electronics, Hanter’s goal is still the same: to produce reliable and future safe pneumatic tube systems. Our commitment is to make systems more and more user-friendly, flexible and adapted for new tasks.

Each industrial or administration facility has its own character. To meet different needs Hanter IT proposes microprocessor controlled MVX pneumatic tube systems and relay controlled 02 (point-to-point) solutions. Both can be installed in new or old premises. Available tube dimensions are from Ø 90 mm to 200 mm and the load capacity of the pneumatic tube system carriers, depending on the system dimension, is up to 10 kg.

MVX Pneumatic Tube Systems

MVX PTS is latest on the market microprocessor controlled and fully automatic pneumatic tube system. All carriers’ movements are registered by the Main Control Unit and information is represented on the system’s unit’s displays in plain text. Additional information can be available from optional log-printer or via PC based monitoring system.

An MVX industry pneumatic tube system can handle big variety of different stations and station panels. This makes it convenient when designing a pneumatic tube system for particular tasks under given budget and installation conditions. Stations can work in manual or automatic mode.

02 (Point-to-point) Pneumatic Tube System

Companies that use 02 (point-to-point) pneumatic tube system are often in need of inexpensive and reliable transport because of safety reasons or because their activity is divided in two working zones such as office – freight terminal, office – production, laboratory – sample collection, storage – sales and so on.

Hanter 02 pneumatic tube system can also be equipped with different type of stations to make operation convenient and less labor intensive. This type of pneumatic tube systems doesn’t require any programming and handles very well long distance transports.

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