Cashtronic® 02 point-to-point

Cashtronic® 02 point-to-point


Companies, that use transport abilities of a 02 (or point-to-point)  system are often in need of inexpensive and reliable transport because of safety reason (cash handling on gasoline stations, for example) or because activity is divided in two working zones such as office – freight terminal, office – production, laboratory – production,  storage – sales and etc.

A Cashtronic® 02 pneumatic tube system can be 1-way or 2-way. Tube diameter can be 63mm, 90mm, 110mm, 160mm and 200mm.

Here are examples of transported objects:
–  Documents,
–  Spare parts,
–  Drawings,
–  Tests,
–  Medicine,
–  Cash and valuables,
–  Shoeboxes with shoes,
–  and etc.

To learn more about Cashtronic®02 pneumatic tube system, please, download our Cashtronic®02 full presentation.

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Pneumatic tube system for stores Cashtronic® 02 Point-to-pont